Wednesday, December 30, 2009

little bit of everything


...well almost, but close enough.

it's been about a week since i've taken my diet to high raw and a few things ive noticed:
 .i had a blister on my ankle from july that is lightening.
.my digestive system is working better, not as many upset stomachs.
.my energy level is at least the same if not more then when i was drinking coffee.
 .my skin is softer.
.i just feel better.

this is ridiculous.
its an article about an "anti-energy drink" that filled with melatonin, Valerian root, and rose hip.
i suppose i could have seen this coming. why not add something to the market to make you calm down? after consuming all that caffeine from soda, coffee, and regular energy drinks one would need another chemically processed drink to calm down to normal mode.

 charles and i have fun



today was laundry day, meaning we have clean clothes!!!


has anyone seen the movie Avatar? 
i've heard it was good. i'm just not convinced yet.

any other good holiday movies out there?

what are you doing for new years eve?


raw blueberry chocolate coconut cookies

- they need work = not posting recipe (yet).


A.R.Williams said...

I watched Avatar with a skeptical eye and was very impressed with it.

Visually, its revolutionary. I’d compare it to Lord of the Rings and the new Star Trek film.

The plot left me with mixed emotions. If you are watching for sheer entertainment, it’s a really creative story and reveals a completely new, beautiful world. If you start to analyze it, you can draw many environmental and historical commentaries from it. It doesn’t hurt to think about those kinds of things, but with the heavy influence Hollywood is having on people's social/political/environmental views you might start looking for the director's angle..

It is definitely worth seeing in the movie theatres. The environment they created is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and wouldn’t have the same grandeur on a small screen. It glows.

Hope this helps. I didn't mean to write a full fledged essay. . . :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I may actually see it now.