Tuesday, January 5, 2010

welcome back.

and were back to school.

heres what i got:


Four Danishes

Danish - Pocket

Kiwi Danish 1

Danish with Jam & Cream Cheese

Danish Strawberry

Danish Strawberry Pinwheel

Fresh Fruit Danish

Vol Au Vent Danish

Vol Au Vent Danish 2

Vol Au Vent Danish 3

Danish Pinwheel 1

Danish Pinwheel 2

Danish Pinwheel 3

Danish Pinwheel Set


(is it weird that I still have my christmas tree up?)


Malissa D. Wall said...

woohoo for danishes! my sis is in school for baking too and made some of those during thanksgiving (specifically the star looking ones)
and no...we still have our wreath up too :)

Sarah Elmore said...

no way! that is awesome, what school is she going to do you know?

heh, good deal! Im glad Im not the only one. :)