Newly married, newly graduate of culinary school. 

I am a secret nerd that loves video games and documentaries. 

My passions for healthy living and sweet things brought me to create OOH LA RAW in 2010. 

I love living life and having fun, while growing in my relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, and friends.

I like blogging about life, inspirations, my family (Charlie & Suzy Q), and food.


Sheila B said...

I'm looking at your green millefiore block here http://organiclifeblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/nice-things.html

and would like to use it on the cover of a concert program; our group is taking the trip of a lifetime to sing in Venice in April. Is that your photo? If not do you remember where it came from? Thank you! Sheila B

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...I don't remember where I got the photo, I believe it was used as a Photoshop background?!?

I wish I could be more helpful; Best of luck with your trip!