Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ATL food & wine festival

This weekend was the First Annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Lots of people came from around the country to celebrate the culinary explosion that seems to have taken over Atlanta. I met people who came from far and wide to taste, learn, smell, spit, and meet people.

The festival took place in the heart of Atlanta, Midtown. All the events were placed within a 2 block radius, making the Loews Hotel the mecca.

Thursday night marked the beginning of the festival. What better then a sugar reception! HIGH ROAD Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet and Sublime Donuts were there.

Also! I met the faces behind WhyNatte, while sipping on their current mixed drink selection of WhyNatte & whipped cream vodka = awesome! WhyNatte is one of those drinks that is great on its own, but is also easily mixed with other flavors (i.e. mint shnapps & whynatte = girl scout cookie thin mint).

One artisan chocolate company that deserves recognition is French Broad Chocolates. They are from NC and graciously came to Atlanta for the event. They are moving into becoming a bean-to-bar company, which really says a lot about what they believe in and what they choose to put in their chocolates.

Finally though: BAKESHOP

We were set up under some art work which actually went quite nicely with our table.

We were serving Kouing Amon (a.k.a sugared butter cake) with a selection of jams & jellies from Fairywood Thicket Farms.

On Friday morning, BAKESHOP provided the food for the brunch in the Connoisseur Lounge at the top of the Loews. This place was gorgeous!

Look at that kitchen!

Our display spread of mini almond croissants, mini cranberry scones, and muffins!

Chef Jonathan St. Hilaire demo-ed the making of these lemon cream strawberry danish. 

If you havent tried Top FLR cocktails you are missing out!