Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a fresh start.

this morning i start a challenge for myself:

eating more raw food and being consistent.  

so the question is posed: why not blog about it? I mean isn't this blog called "Organic Life?"

Why not document what I am doing, pictures, recipes, etc? exactly.

and so it begins - my transition into RAW.


     smoothie:  banana - vanilla coconut milk - avocado - pineapple - pineapple juice - sweetener (sun crystals) - ice


      cottage cheese (this is not technically "raw" but I am working on it)

energy level = good. I am awake, alert, and ready to start my day. (its only one pm, hahaha)

so then lets take it to lunch time.


first time making a raw sushi.

I started with a sheet of dried seaweed.

and made a paste that comprised of:

    cauliflower - avocado - lemon juice - salt - Cajun seasoning - water - carrot - butternut squash - Dulce powder - soy sauce - rice vinegar - agave nectar.

 * note! - when making a sushi paste, keep it simple. i went too far with adding ingredients and trying to correct what i did.




   my moms homemade dill relish



it was great.

granted, it could have used a little fresh ginger and wasabi, but considering this was a first attempt, I cant complain.

and the husband decided to have this for lunch:


ill leave him to his pizza.


from my motorhome to yours said...

yummo the wraps looks yummy

Anonymous said...

thank you! I was quite pleased with them actually.