Monday, December 7, 2009

monday monday

i have a serious case of the mondays:

i get to school this morning and the air is tense. everyone is waiting to see what chef is going to write on the white board today, our list of assignments - products to produce. last week we were balls to the wall, making petit fours non stop! with a practical tomorrow to prep for we were all in for a little surprise.

chef said we only had a "few" items to make.

if only we didnt waste so much time talking about rock, paper, scissors - there was good time wasted.

on the agenda for today:

.pate a choux.
.pastry cream.
.cream chantilly.
.langues du chat (cats tounge).


prep for tomorrows practical.

easy? not quite.

we had specific modifications on the pastry cream and cream chantilly, not to mention we were assembling swans.

so there i was - my financier batter was in the cooler, my pate a choux-that had been piped into swan bodies and heads-was in the oven, and next up, pastry cream time.
im almost embrassed to say this, but I had to redo the pastry cream - TWICE.
I could not get it right, mixing, measurements, nothing! it was total and complete fail. All the while, I am alone. I have no partner in class - I almost thought of giving up.

ok. so i remade the pastry cream (the correct way), class is going by and im doing a few more things. When it came time to make the Madeline batter for tomorrows practical, I screwed that up (burning butter, improper mixing, wrong measuring).

and so i remade it.

i left school today with a depressed feeling. at this stage of the game, school is getting challenging. this is both exciting and scary.

my ultimate challenge - relying on God for my strength.
this involves laying down my inhibitions, my fears, and my problems.
When I think about the creator of the universe being on my team, I am no longer frantic. A peace overcomes me and I am grateful for assurance.

ok. im done with this post. (i just needed to post to help ease the stress)

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