Saturday, December 12, 2009


Being married to a pastry chef is not all its cracked up to be. Yes, there is the daily gourmet pastry item that is openly waiting to be eaten however these tasty treats do come with a couple clauses.

Among these:

    Not every meal is full bore sit down, white napkin dining. Most of the time, Charlie does not eat what I eat. To be honest at the end of the day, returning from culinary school, I do not feel like eating a braised, seared, or smoked anything. Often times all I desire is a simple bowl of soup, laden with vegetables (of course lots of squash). Simple food is best. :)

    There is a constant need to bake something new, try a new recipe, combine new ingredients, which means supplying at least 3 different types of flour, 4 different types of sugar, plus an array of other things that I may need or ask for. The result must be tasted from someone other then the baker and that means (you got it), Charlie......

     I often dream about food. I dream about that I am going to make for breakfast in the morning, prep steps I need to take for class, or perhaps the construction of a new dish that I heard about. Sometimes I am forced out of bed at ridiculous hours by this need to learn and discover what is out there. I read, eat, listen, and watch food.

     And there is the bizarre requests for special food items, in addition to the standard flour and sugar. Oh the crazy looks i've gotten and the times that i've also received that "you've got to be kidding, im not paying that much for that." But we work through it.

      I like my food hot. When it's ready to be eaten I like to eat it, not wait until it loses its charm. When I make something, I like it to be eaten when I set it down. And adequate feed back.

     When asked to "help" make a dish, the real translation is "cut this" "peel that" or "keep the sink clear".  Im not going to lie, being married to a chef is demanding. Its hard work but for those who stick it out, good things await.   :)

  I have two practicals coming up next week. One of which is solely Opera Cake and the other a petit four dessert platter featuring 5 different types of petit fours (sec, demi-sec, deguise, glaceau, amandes, frais) I have my work cut out for me thats for sure. 

 On another note -
Feuille d'Automne Cake.

Literally Means: "Autumn Leaf"

Layered Almond Meringue Cake
Chocolate Mousse
Hand Shaved Chocolate
Powered Sugar

Feuille d'Automne 1

Feuille d'Automne 2

& a mini:

Mini Feuille d'Automne 1

Mini Feuille d'Automne 2

As the holiday season approaches I am reminded that God has blessed me beyond belief. I am alive, breathing the air that God has given me, I am married to a wonderful man that loves and adores me (& puts up with all my crazy shenanigans), I have friends who care, I have family who would give me their right arm if I asked them, and I am loved.

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