Friday, December 18, 2009

Epic Friday

Good Morning, its EPIC FRIDAY.

this day marks several events:
 - last day of school (Winter break)
 - last day of work (for the weekend)
 - last day in Georgia (for the weekend)

However I am relieved to be taking a break - I feel as if I have been running non stop. The payoff has proved to be worth it though.

Lets talk about school:
  Today is final day of the class, which means why not end it with a two-day practical? We are assigned a dessert platter consisting of five different types of petit fours. Its up to us to present our platter any way we want. My theme: Christmas. I finish today = pictures later (dont want to give too much away now)

 Moreover we had another practical earlier in the week on Opera Cake:
     I think I did better on the writing on this cake and worse on the cutting (not enough time to set up), however my grade was still satisfactory (92).

Opera Cake Round Two:

Opera Cake Square

Opera Cake Round

Opera Cake Layers

Opera Cake Triangle

I had left over ganache and thought, "hmm..what can I do with this?"
Behold -

 They aren't pretty, but the taste seems to be pretty good. :)

Buche de Noel.
Its a classic Christmas dessert that comes from the France in the late 1700s. Families would burn a yule log to cook Christmas diner and it was believed that the ashes from this log would keep away evil spirits, diseases, etc.
Other traditions were started when the construction of homes without fireplaces was prevalent. The presence of a cake that looked like a yule log served as the replacement for the actual yule log.
There are many different version of this cake, many different styles. The important thing behind this cake is the theme that is presents: Being with family during the holidays, community.

Here is mine:
Buche de Noel

Have you ever had an Applepear?
They are super juicy and really tasty. I ate one for breakfast.
Along with butternut squash sprinkled lightly with sea salt and chives.

Im turning into more of a tea drinker, not that I dont jump at a chance to drink coffee, but I find tea more soothing, not as harsh. Kinda like a bubble bath at the end of a hard day.

And so im offering a simple phrase to kids from one to ninety two.
although its been said many times many ways.....

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Jennie said...

Oh I love it! So cute and so yummy!
Clever you!