Tuesday, September 22, 2009

welcome to hotlanta

photo cred : sean morgan


We made it here.

Moving day came not without its challenges, it rained and rained and rained and rained.
But! We prevailed and are finally in the midst of unpacking and settling in before the hectic life begins.

So quick recap of whats been happening so far:

I ate gator for the first time:

Charles seasoned and sauteed it. It had great flavor though, I must say I was surprised.
We served this with a side of baked vegetables.

Im sorry Charlie, but this picture is HILARIOUS.

We went to a Braves game.
Which because of the rain, it was delayed two hours.
Luckily our seats were covered and the Braves won!!!

Today we checked out Atlantic Station:

Its full of some up and coming shops, restaurants, and a nice little park (which shows free movies on the lawn).
We spent the afternoon walking around, checking out cell phone plans and wedding bands. :)

So far, we havent been rained on too badly (were still above water), but its crazy to think that other parts of the city are flooded. CRAZY.

and thats all for now...were still getting settled.

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