Sunday, September 6, 2009

sunday ride.

good evening and happy sunday.

coming to you live here, straight from the floor. just enjoying a glass of ice cold blueberry white tea. yum. crisp. refreshing. all words that DO NOT describe this afternoons bike ride.

sadly, I got eaten. see:

yes that is a MASSIVE bug bite. this is just one of a few that have appeared on my body after this afternoons bike ride. I suppose they are worth the rewards yes? maybe. (see picture below)

oh yes - look at that bicep. (p.s - this is my marathoners shirt and consequently I feel like I am iron woman when I wear it)

but bikes aside, the bike ride was great. fresh air. good company. and very informational (we rode to the public library)

In the short almost two months that I have been married I have learned a few things:
- being selfish is not an option. everything i do, say think, even feel effects the other person.
- its not about where you spend the time, its about spending time in the same place. period.
- assume that you are always wrong.
- sometimes it is necessary to give the other person the illusion of having their cake and eating it too.

However, opposites attract. This is fact.
I would have never been able to cope with someone that competes with my creativity (save that for the work force).

Charles James is my best friend. Period. So I shall end with a picture.

we love dark chocolate.



Sonika Fourie said...

Aww i love the list of things you've learned so far while being married. Post more as you realize them!

I'm so happy that you found your lifelong partner already, you look so happy! me hope! haha

Emily said...

You two are so adorable. It's nice to know that opposite do work out!

Sorry about your bug bite but glad you got to enjoy a ride to the library.