Saturday, September 5, 2009

and so saturday waves

i shall begin with last night to kick things off.

Charles and I went to the beach to watch sunset. Of course we packed food.
We kept it classy with a little chicken caesar salad.
This was my first time making a caesar dressing.

.one hard boiled egg
.one and a half tablespoons of wine vinegar (i used white wine)
.half a clove of garlic
.extra light extra virgin olive oil until desired texture is obtained

put in blender and blend away.

so after we assembled the salad, we left the house and drove to the beach.

charlie was hungry so he just dove right in.

and the verdict on the salad:

i thought it was tasty too.

this is such a cute face.
:) and he makes me smile.

see? me smiling.

since there was a cloud right in front of the sun, our perfect sunset date was more like a perfect sundown date night. oh well. i was surrounded by good food, excellent company, and the sounds of a live band from the restaurant on the beach that we sat next to. ah - what a good time.

So this morning, I got up (had to make a quick run to the store), came back and conducted business as usual.

BREAKFAST WAS DIVINE (breakfast cookie w/ grapes and white tea)

you know, I used to not be a tea person, but! it has grown on me more and more.
At first black tea was my tea of choice, but now I have expanded into the realm of white tea.
However, I still dont think that green tea will ever be drinkable to me, but you never know.

HOUSE starts SEPTEMBER 21 > this is very exciting. I have taking advantage of not having to really do anything these past couple of days and catching up of past seasons.


Oh so right, today.

Today has flown (I mean FLOWN) by. Charles and I were supposed to go camping tonight, but my body decided that it would just crap out on me and so after a 3.5 hour nap, one game of football, and tea! I am feeling sub par.

ACCOMPLISHMENT - yesterday I jogged 4.7 MILES.
yes, MILES. It was great and I plan to continue this.

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Emily said...

Thanks for following my blog! You and your husband are so adorable! I can't wait to read more about your culinary adventures. :-)