Thursday, September 24, 2009

picking up pace

Life is rolling on by with a strong force. Summer is over. No more sitting around the house. No more filling my days with laying by the pool and thinking up tasty things to cook, meanwhile waiting for Charles to get home.

Fall brings new things.

I START SCHOOL Monday. 7:30AM orientation - crazy? I'd say.

I GOT A JOB I start tomorrow. Platos Closet, baby!

Meet Spartacus & Maximus:

Charles and I decided to get a couple fish today. They are epic (and cute).

Today, Charlie and I went to Piedmont Park. It was beautiful!

Found this little guy:


Charles cracks me up.

He says:

Im too loud
I dance all the time
I add parts to the song that he doesnt hear
I eat weird

but when I make him cheesecake or impromptu pumpkin cheesecake cinnamon cookies
he gets this look on his face, grabs my belt loops, and tells me that I am beautiful and my cooking is beautiful.


Tonight - Movie in the park : Sabrina. :)

good night happy world.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Yes, it's sad. No more summer. :-(

Do you have a recipe for those amazing sounding pumpkin cheesecake cinnamon cookies? I've been craving pumpkin ever since fall arrived!