Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday night blues.


Today was a great day, filled with lots of family, friends, and food! However, first I shall post a little something something I made Charlie for lunch the other day.

Pizza! Stuffed Pizza.
This was the stuffed part = butter, Parmesan, thyme, roasted garlic.

Little bit of fresh thyme for you viewing pleasure:
such a great herb! I love the added taste that it provides!

Then came the sauce and spinach:

and tomato:

and cheese, melted of course.
final product:

and one very happy boy!

- Charlie and I had the engagement party today, it went superb! I was happy to meet people that I hadnt met/see friends and whatnot. I cannot believe that we are actually leaving in three weeks and to think that we wanted to be out of here at the end of August, CRAZY!

Tonight, Charlie went alligator hunting. I am here. ALONE (well not alone alone, there are people in the house, but they are not Charlie). I am missing him beyond all reasonable belief. Goodness me.

Tomorrow morning - FORMULA ONE RACE & CHURCH. plus breakfast!


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