Wednesday, August 12, 2009


were back! Charles and I were able to re-live the times of living alone! Hoorah! We went to the bookstore, drank coffee, chatted, cooked dinner, ate dinner, enjoyed eachothers company, etc.

and as i type this, we are laying in bed! :) (he is reading a book, im not ignoring him.)

charles obviously has no taste in electronics (at least when it comes to operating systems)

a little rejoice from yesterdays cooking experience = lemon bars ftw!

dinner. started with tomato.

and magically turned into this (well...theres just lettuce underneath it...complicated i know)

and then there was chicken, which charles so graciously chopped for me. i mean to use that cutting board and knife...i practically had to restrain myself...

and since charlie will NOT eat mayo, we made our own chicken salad.
super easy. super tasty. and! as a bonus, let calories then normal mayo based chicken salad.

to create: chopped chicken
sesame oil
walnut oil
sesame seeds
dash of garlic salt and other spices.
see, that was easy. and tasty too.

poached eggs ftw.


my fake bruchetta = toasted wheat bread with evoo, and bruchetta mixture (from a jar), with a few chopped tomatoes.
for the finale. we have a tasty plate here.
baked lettuce & tomato topped with a poached egg, a touch of evoo & thyme. served with baked peas. um..yes please.

and so the scene was set.

and made one happy boy.

and scary looking dog.

this is where i shall end.

> i am content. :)


Charlie said...

AWWWWWW, Sally is not scary!!

Sarah Lewis said...

haha. I know shes not scary, but just scary looking. thank you