Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

its about that time.
turkey, family, pie, and hunting.
This year I will be spending Thanksgiving in South Carolina with Charles and family.

I have a few updates from the baking scene.

oatmeal raisin cinnamon bread:

oatmeal cinnamon raisin roll

oatmeal cinnamon raisin bread

sourdough bread:

sourdough bread

i feel a particular affection for this bread because ive been feeding, watching, and nurturing this little sour starter for close to two weeks now and it was nice to taste the efforts of my labor.

sourdough bread rolls

and then weve been kinda feeling like italians.



a classic stromboli filled with a ricotta white sauce, pepperoni, ground beef, herbs, garlic, onions, and parmesan cheese.



a classic calzone filled with red sauce, peperoni, garlic gloves, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese.



a classic grisstini bread stick filled with herbs, salt, and parmesan cheese.

and we made more pizza today, no pictures though.


ricotta cheese.
whole milk.

combine all the ingredients. mix.
viola. white sauce.

moving on.

soft pretzels.

classic salt & herbs:


sweet pretzel:

sweet soft pretzel

topped with cinnamon, sugar, and brown sugar.

pretzel sticks:

topped with salt and parmesan cheese:

pretzel stick

opped with pink sea salt and ghram crackers:

pretzel stick two

topped with salt, herbs, and porcini powder:

short pretzel stick

inside pretzel

were also working with dead dough.
i went in early this morning because i was feeling inspired and i wanted to change my design.
so monday morning i will hopefully finish the design.

New Hair::

Next up! I want to make this:


involves lots and lots of:

3 different cheeses.
hard boiled eggs.
red sauce.

inspiration: the movie Big Night.

happy thanksgiving.

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Jennie said...

I bet your house smells incredible when making all these yummy breads! They all sound so good! Especially the Calzone! Delicious!