Saturday, November 21, 2009


im waiting to make breakfast for the husband. Because he works from home I have to be quiet when he has calls (tech support). That means, no blender, frying pan, or any other sort of kitchen noise. blast!at least its good motivation to upload my creations from last week.

i was reading this morning about the unhealthiest states: GEORGIA is in the 40's. How sad is that?
I do believe it though. Moving from Florida to Georgia I noticed people lived differently. I grew up in a small town in North Georgia and visiting I can remember thinking, "wow, it is a different lifestyle out here." Body image may not be a priority to everyone, I get this.

okay, first up: Parmesan Crackers.

I am most proud of this shot, one of the pastry chefs came up to me and inquired why I was shooting with my F-Stop at 5.0. Then he proceeded to tell me that my shot looked like it came out of a magazine.

stacked crackers

i made cracker bread, hand rolled the crackers, and sprinkled a little parmesan on top.

square parmesan cracker

round parmesan crackers

whole wheat pita, baked directly on the stone:


this bread should come with a disclaimer:

naan closeup

its naan:


a soft, doughy delight fried in a pan with clarified butter and then lathered with butter after they are pulled off the fire. However, I prefer mine not all the way cooked with no second butter dipping.



cheddar cheese, s & p, and black sesame seeds


garlic, herb, & butter rub


honey, cinnamon, sugar, and sesame seeds


pumpkin, cloves, & sesame seeds

i have more to update, but this will suffice for now.

happy thanksgiving in two days!!


Meag said...

looks yummy! no fair! They wouldn't let us put cinnamon/sugar on any of our breads except for bagels. We tried every time...the answer was always no!

Sarah Lewis said...

really?!? who was your chef instructor?

Chef Glenn gives us free reign!