Friday, October 9, 2009


fall is in the air.




a little piece of autumn bliss arranged on my coffee table.

and from the kitchen, a little arrangement:

in other news: trying something new ::

.first i started off with chocolate.

.and bacon.
.cooked the bacon.

.and melted the chocolate.

.cut the bacon into bite sized pieces.

.and dipped the bacon in the chocolate and chilled in the freezer.

the result: i got positive results from the tasting crowd.

ive been eating a lot of soup lately. i absoutly LOVE squash! and its in season. This is perfect.

Roasted squash seeds are tasty too. :)

I was at work today and I was thinking: I could never work at a job for the rest of my life that I didnt love. I do not have a passion to work in retail. This is true. It is just a filler job and however much I enjoy working with the people I work with and no matter how much enjoyment I feel at times, I still desire to be doing something I love - BAKING. Being in the kitchen, thinking about the people I love and how much they will love what I am making for them.

School is going well! I successfully completed my ServSafe class (took the certification test) and now I am waiting for the results. Now that ServSafe is under my best, I progress into Hotel Management. I like this class so far, we are working on building our portfolios and presentation.

There is more I want to say, more I want to expel from my head. However I am exhausted and I feel that I need sleep. Church tomorrow. and work.


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Emily said...

love fall.

glad school is going well.

chocolate covered bacon sounds very interesting. if i ate bacon, i'd probably like it since i love dark chocolate. :-)