Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

October 14, 2009.

today is blog action day.

the topic: climate change.

Upon reading the Top 100 Effects of Global Warning a few thoughts came to mind:

I would be a different person if there was no Christmas trees, I mean come on. Not to mention baseball?!?
How about no lobster or salmon? WHAT!?!

Climate change is a real thing, granted the rapid melting speed of polar ice caps may or may not be true, but that doesnt discount that it is happening.

FACT: our world is not as fresh as it once was. this is true. pollution is true. we live, we create waste and often times, we do not clean up after ourselves.

Solution: Living as "Green" as possible

whether this is just turning off the lights when not in the room, turning off the water faucet when idling standing at the kitchen sink, or not driving around town just to drive around town.

Today I shall conserve as much as I can.

more great tips from Conservation International:

1. Be Informed
The first step toward being a responsible green citizen is knowing the issues and taking time to think about them.

2. Travel Sustainably
Next time you go on vacation or need to take a business trip, consider ways you can cut down on carbon emissions.

3. Be a Green Consumer
It is becoming easier and easier to know what effects the things you buy have on the environment.

4. Eat Green
Environmentally friendly eating habits are easy and healthy.

5. Explore Biodiversity
The diversity of nature is everywhere. So why not roll up your sleeves and see what’s been living right outside your door?

6. Enhance Your Local Biodiversity

Contributing to diversity in your own neighborhood can go a long way toward feeling good every day.

7. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint
By reducing the energy and fossil fuels you use, you are saving the environment from further damage.

8. Offset Your Carbon

After you have done everything you can to minimize your carbon footprint then you can think about how to offset what residual impacts remains.

9. Influence Your Friends, Family, and Community

A green You is a great role model for your friends, family, and colleagues.

10. Support CI
By supporting CI you are maximizing your efforts by joining larger team.

11. Be a Conservation Advocate
Do a little or do a lot, but raise your voice today.


Anonymous said...

Your husband doesnt believe in global warming. Better have words with him about that. PS, today in the news, scientist said that this summer there will be no ice in the arctic ocean. That seems like rapid polar melting to me.

Pastor Rick said...

Although I agree that we MUST take steps to have a cleaner world, I just can't buy into the "Global Warming" theory at any level

Nuff of that, miss you and hope your life is great. Hope to see you soon.