Wednesday, May 12, 2010


  its been awhile since i have graced the pages of this blog. I am almost done with school, this is my last three days in fact. There is a lot going on! Between working, school, running a side operation, being a wife, and a christian life is CRAZY! I find that I have no time to do simple things like cleaning the kitchen. heh, Thank God for my husband that does not mind mess! I love him.

We have been working with sugar and of course its been raining! I made an underwater scene piece, my coral was the bomb and thats all I can really speak about because my fish broke! oh goes on. 


Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Adapted from Charlie Trotter's "RAW"


1 c soaked cashews
1 c maple syrup
1 c cocoa powder
1/4 t seeds from vanilla bean
1 T nama shoyu

combine in a food processer until creamy. 

Option: dehydrate the chocolate into little chips.  (I chose not to)


1 3/4 c sprouted flour (I used spelt)
6 T coconut butter
2 T maple syrup
1/2 vanilla bean seeds
pinch of sea salt
chocolate or chocolate chips 
1/2 c honey walnuts

mix everything but the chocolate and walnuts in a mixer with the paddle. 
stir in chocolate and walnuts after combined. 

dehydrate for 7 hours. 

In other news:

I received this little beauty


happy birthday to me. 

and today I am off to make chocolate high ratio cake & naan for a fondue party tonight! 

On Monday night, Kristi, Tonia and I had the pleasure of sharing dinner together:

We ate at Northlake Thai Cusine

We got:

An appetizer sampling:
 Chicken with a peanut sauce drizzle - excellent flavor, chicken was moist and the peanut flavor was subtle and complementary.

 Fried wonton with beef and a curry sauce inside - standard.

 Organic greens salad - fresh and nice, the dressing was a little excessive (this is coming from a person who likes their salad dry), but other then that it was a nice change from the spicy, fried mix.


 Seafood platter with scallops, mussels, shrimp, and calamari with vegetables in a basil sauce: WOW! I loved the seafood basil combo. The calamari was not deep fried and what a taste! It was heaven!

 Mango Chicken: This dish was well executed, the mango and the chicken were spicy, but cooked to perfection. I am not a fan though.

 Wok fried tofu and vegetables: The tofu was flavorful and the vegetables were great!

 They get their desserts from Joli Kobe and Alons.

Key Lime Tart:
   Excellent flavor and presentation, the key lime is not overwhelming.

Raspberry Mousse Cake:
 Light, flavorful, and not too rich. Complete with a stencil sponge.

Midnight Cake:
Layers of moist chocolate cake and some sort of frosting...(we were trying to figure it out) there was def butter in it though!

Ice Cream:
 Green tea, mango, and coconut: Go with the coconut!

Overall, I am glad I tried this place, however I would be indifferent to go back.

This concludes the blog post.

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