Saturday, May 22, 2010

the life of a barista

today i worked as a barista...le master barista. ha!

i tell you, there are some times...some times when the crazies just come out and today was that day.

contestant one -  "jam man"
   first he walks in, looks around, asks some questions and leaves.
then he comes back in, promptly asking for two blueberry bagels (we do not have blueberry bagels), then he proceeds to ask for two whole wheat bagels with blueberry cream cheese (this we do not have), and then he asks for blueberry jam (again, we do not have this).
he sees the blueberry danishes and asks if he can have some of that filling...
i tell him that i have raspberry jam.
he proceeds to ask about the blueberry danish filling, inquiring if thats how they come or if we make them here.
i tell him that we make all the danishes in house, but that i only have raspberry jam.
so he just gets the bagel.
this is the end....or so i think....
as he is walking towards the register he sees our blueberry cheesecake jar and then asks yet again about the filling, complaining that we use it for both the danish and the jar, but cannot give him any....then he offers to buy some....
the result, me going into the back to fish out the bucket of blueberry jam and fill a take out cup.
i return, only to be told the he needs one more and two more bagels.
all you can do is laugh.

constant two - "indecisive sally"
  she asks for an everything bagel.
she picks up the bagel, i offer to toast it for her.
she says its hard, i take the bagel from her and it is not hard, it is fresh soft and ready to be toasted.
i tell her its fine and she says that she ate some of it and she is changing her mind about what she wants to eat. no comment.

constant three - "bird lady"
 she orders and sandwich.
receives the sandwich. goes to eat outside.
comes back inside and asks for a new sandwich because a bird landed on her sandwich and started eating it. yes, this is true.

this is just some of the fun things that happen when you're a barista.

in other news:


its only taken us seven months to find these beauties! 


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Aura said...

Sounds to me like you've got some entries for Not Always Right.