Friday, February 26, 2010

imma be

currently addicted to: imma be - black eyed peas.

anywho. back to the pastry world:


 three layers of sponge cake and caramel french buttercream 
topped with nougatine and white chocolate. 



Dobos Torte

12 alternating layers of almond sponge cake and 
chocolate french buttercream, frosted with caramel french buttercream, 
topped with chocolate rosettes, caramel disks and covered with toasted almonds. 

dobos torte

dobos torte almonds

(personally, I think this entrament is ugly...maybe just because of the caramel french buttercream.)

Red Velvet Cake

three layers of red velvet cake and three layers of buttercream 
topped with cocoa powder and white chocolate. 



I would post the other cakes that I made (Sacher Torte & Alhambra) but well...they just arent worth looking at.

In other news, it's soo cold here - really, where did the spring weather go? 

And! Ive been product/flavor testing various raw desserts.....results are good.