Thursday, February 4, 2010


i can breathe.
i am not sick anymore, thank the Lord! (i was down with a kidney infection)

Midweek a little beauty arrived at my house, a Canon EF 50mm lens 1.8 - :)

Today I went into school early and made up my practical from last week, St. Honore Cake.

          made with pate brisee, pate a choux, chiboust, whipped cream, and caramel.

st honore top

st honore

caramel cage: (....see? the 50 is magic) 

st honore caramel cage

since i am in a good mood (thank you Adele) i will share this: earlier today while making this cake, I was almost done...I mean in the home stretch, all I had left to do was make the caramel cage. So I put the sugar and water on the stove and preceded to wash dishes. I suppose I got so into the dishes that I looked up to see the pot of sugar water steaming something fierce. I raced over to the pot and when i got there the caramel was dark dark brown...and i was so careful not to burn it the first time. hehe, and then one of the chefs comes in and flips the switch for the fan because the entire room was happens.

and moving on.


dessert sauce made with wine (white, marsala, etc.), eggs yolks, sugar & whipped cream. 

put it on some fruit and torch it:

sabayon and fruit

 Chocolate Raspberry Souffle

Time consuming and not very tasty, but nonetheless we must know how to make them. I opted out of the pain chocolate and added raspberry jam. This made the souffle collapse almost instantly because it was too heavy, but the flavor...oh! oh yes! 

chocolate raspberry souffle plain

chocolate raspberry souffle

Lava Cakes

Chocolate cakes that are made in such a way that when you cut them open "lava" comes out. 
oohh magic. 

lava cakes two

lava cakes

Charlotte Russe

possibly the best cake ever. 

made with ladyfingers, chocolate mousse, bavarian cream, and a chocolate ganache glaze.  

"This cake will make you want to slap someone." 

charlotte russe

charlotte russe two

Charlotte Royal

outside: a sponge roll with jelly
 inside: bavarian cream. 

"the brain"

charlotte royal

Stencil Cakes

made with stenciled sponge roll, blackberry mousse, apricot mousse, topped with an apricot glaze. 

note: not for the weak tongues (packs a lot of punch)

(disclaimer: these pictures were taken pre 50mm lens...sorry)

stencil cakes

plated stencil cake

stencil cake inside

i have a confession to make: i have been eating in class every day this week. 
i suppose mentally i am making up for last week, but still...

music is grand. 



Meagan said...

Your St. Honore is gorgeous! as are all your other desserts =)

Sarah Elmore said...

Thank you!!! I was pleased with it.


hannah | honey & jam said...

that 50mm is like magic, isn't it? i love mine!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, yes!

I am happy to finally own one & I believe it will take my food photography to the next level.