Friday, February 12, 2010

good things.

Lots of good things will come.

but first getting out from under this stress.

Triple Chocolate Bavarois

Three layers of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. 
Topped with a chocolate ganache glaze and a white chocolate decor.

Bavarois whole


Slice Bavarois 


Tiramisu made with ladyfingers, coffee simple syrup, mascarpone cream, topped with cocoa powder.

I am not a huge tiramisu person, but this one...I ate an entire piece. 

Tiramisu above


And then there was ice cream & sorbet day. wow! 
When you've had fresh churned ice cream and sorbet you will never eat that boxed stuff again. 

Ice cream is based on the amount of butterfat. 
Sorbet is based on the amount of sugar. 
Sherbet is in between ice cream & sorbet. 

I prefer sorbet. 

Sorbet Flavors:
.passion fruit (tangy, but fantastic flavor)
.mango (tastes like a cold mango...go figure)
.coconut (very nice)
.raspberry (too berry-ish)
.chocolate (no...this is a bad idea) 

and of course I made:

Raspberry Coconut Sorbet

raspberry coconut sorbet2

raspberry coconut sorbet

Ice Cream Flavors:
.chocolate fudge brownie (whooo...not for the weak) 
.chocolate chip cookie dough (standard)
.vanilla bean (great flavor)
.caramel (eh..tastes like cold caramel sauce)

and I made:

Raspberry Ice Cream w/ Chocolate & Walnuts

Ice cream

It was very rich and creamy (due to the raspberry jam). 
I like the combination though. 

I love it when we get to use a blow torch in class!

Baked Alaska

Ice cream topped with sponge cake and torched italian meringue.
(sweet action)

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska half

we froze mousse! (no actual moose were hurt)

The possibilities were endless with flavors:
.chocolate cayenne (wow! cold and then pow! burn.)
.coconut (nice texture, easy taste)
.passion fruit (its passionate, but average)
.chocolate (i had a dream about its smooth texture)
.raspberry (eh, its like a raspberry milkshake)

Dark Chocolate Coconut Mousse

a frozen delight. 

dark chocolate coconut mousse

dark chocolate coconut mousse close

Then we made parfait. 
legit parfait, not like fruit, granola, and yogurt. 

Pistachio Rasin & White Chocolate Parfait


Flavor is tops, texture really was creamy and smooth, nicely chilled though. 


Remember the raw food project that I was working on? 

Its ready to be publicized.  

check it out - let me know what you think. 

peace out. 


Meagan said...

Did you have to make a Bavarios for your practical? (that is what our practical was for that class.)

The raspberry coconut sorbet sounds divine! Looks amazing!

Sarah Elmore said...

Yes, we made it for practical...I tell you what - white chocolate is a beast.

The sorbet was great! I wanted to bring you some this morning but it disappeared.... :(

Emily said...

Your treats look delicious. Most definitely works of art.

I love your raw site, too. Very well designed, and the treats look amazing.

Krista said...

Those desserts look scrumptious! Oh, my!