Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The beginning and the end.

Last week was a huge week, several things happened. 

It was the end of the entremet class, happy to say I went out with a 100 on this little beauty:

Stencil sponge cake. 
Coconut daquoise. 
Mango fruit mousse.
Frozen fruit pulp.
Raspberry bavarian creme.
Topped with chocolate garnish. 

Layered Entrament Complete

Layered Entrament Middle

Layered Entrament

(this was a beautiful entremet, however the taste was well...less than what i expected. Even after sitting out for twelve hours it was still in perfect form because of the amount of gelatin used.) 

Raspberry Bavarian Creme Topped w/ Chocolate Garnish:

Raspberry Bavarian

Mini Sponge Cake:

Mini layered sponge cake filled with raspberry bavarian creme and mango mousse. 

Mini Layered Sponge Cake

I had my first experience with marshmallow fondant. 
Jennifer and I constructed this cake.
Two Tiers.
Bottom tier = yellow cake with raspberry buttercream. 
Top tier = chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream.
Covered in green marshmallow fondant.

Green Present Cake hor

Green Present Cake

I made another cake on my own:

Hi-Ratio cake with buttercream. 

lets party cake

This week begins plated desserts! 

I am happy, excited, nervous to see what I am come up with. 


Raspberry Vanilla Panna Cota.
Ginger Almond Florentine. 
Chocolate Garnish.
Raspberry Rum Compote Reduction.

Plated Dessert Day One

Plated Dessert Chocolate Garnish


Erin said...

Hi :) Just came across your lovely blog... and wow, your desserts are beautiful little pieces of art!

Sarah Elmore said...

:) Thank you for stopping by!
I appreciate it!

Denise said...

Hey! How did you make your Bavarian torte? I'm thinking of making one with layers of sponge inside and am not sure if that is still called a Bavarian torte. Love the pictures (:

Nisha said...

pretty desserts...pretty pretty garnishes!!