Saturday, July 25, 2009


so this morning, Charles and I went Rollerbladin':

off to a good optimistic start. however, this was before the four miles were completed.

And we went to Robinson Preserve for the lovely occasion:

after is was over. sweaty and smiling..both good signs.

so overall, today was GREAT! we....

made breakfast together.

roller bladed.

went to the beach (which was magnificent. the water, the sky, the sand...ahhh serenity).

sort of picnic-ed.

played darts (charlie has skillzzz).

rode bikes to Sweetberries for some tasty frozen yogurt.

went to church (amazing, powerful message that I needed to hear - its God great like that?).

ate steak (um...yes!).

hung out with my best friend.

ah. today was a good day.

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