Wednesday, June 30, 2010

raw food & family

i have the best family. 

my family!

for the past two days charlie and i have had the wonderful pleasure of spending some time with my family. 

charlie and alyvia 3



charlie and alyvia 2

charlie and alyvia


alyvia insisted on taking a picture of charlie:


we went blackberry picking:


so whats a pastry chef to do with all these fresh blackberries?

blackberry cobbler

make blackberry cobbler. 

blackberry cobbler

i tried a few new raw food recipes as well. 

raw cashew agave truffles: 

cashew agave truffles

inside of cashew agave truffle

raw key lime bars:

key lime bars

trail mix cookies:

trail mix cookies.

peanut butter coconut cookies:

pb coconut cookies

pb coconut cookies

for these, we just blended a bunch of nuts, agave, dates, coconut flakes, cinnamon, whatever we wanted and mixed it with peanut butter. 

filled chocolate cups:


raw chocolate cherry ice kream:

RAW choc cherry ice kream

blend frozen bananas, cocoa powder, cherries,  & honey. 

thats it for now. 


Kelly Tudor said...

Did I read in one of your posts that you're coming back to Florida?!?!! When? When? When!!?? I'm definitely here till late August but no guarantees. I might be moving to Portland Oregon or San Fran. If you're in the area, we need to get together. I miss you. (i would say hope you're doing well, but from your blog, i know that you are doing awesome) much love!


Sarah Elmore said...

KELLY! I will be in town late july (18 - 23) !!!

Lets do something!

I would love to see you!!