Monday, February 23, 2009


something of which i am without.

T  I  M E.

ok so I am just going to write about it: there is so much going on in my head.
.lists of things to do.
.lists of food to buy.
.lists of chores to add to the list of things to do.
.the upcoming week.

it's all relative though. i am tired, but i am happy. 
  i suppose its ok to kill yourself for the sake of happiness, yes? no? 
joy is inevitable, but happiness not so much.

i think of my family.
my dad - wise and strong. always there to catch me when i fall and answer my tough questions. great company for speeding down the four lane or seeing a gory movie. shares my love of coffee and architecture. we also have the same hands...and possibly feet. ha

my mom - secure and safe. the cornerstone of the family. without her i wouldnt know how to cook, bake, or love.  her example is invaluable. we share the love of garage-sailing photography. she is always there for me and i am forever grateful.

my older sister - ostentatious and nurturing. naturally the oldest is always going to play mom with the younger kids, but now she has her own to fill that. we share the love of italian food and shopping. she is smarter then she lets on.

my younger sister - dynamic and intense. a pillar of knowledge, she doesnt always know how to handle all this wisdom. i can always count on her to back me up and fight to the death for me. my best friend for so long, i hold her near and dear and love her with all my heart, even if i dont always like her.

- i often comment and say that i have the perfect family, not because we are, but becuase of the love we share. problems arise and we work through them. God is good and I am grateful that I was born into this particular family.

F E E L I N G S.
 are deceptive. 

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Danielle said...

it's an awesome thing to be able to say your family is perfect in your own eyes. God made them in such a beautiful way and to say that they are perfect I believe is true because He made them just how they are for a purpose and a reason, and that is perfect because our Creator is perfect. Not because of their actions or things spoken, because we are far from without sin, but because we were made by a perfect being :)