Friday, February 6, 2009

my own version of 25 things....

so i do not want to post 25 things on facebook. instead - its like random things about me on blogspot. 

i do not like it when people use "lol" excessively.

i can never peel off the top from the creamer.

i do not like it when wet dishes are put away.

i like not sharing a room.

i like eating the way i do.

my real name is not Sarah....gotcha. it is.

i am a terrible liar.

i am blunt.

i like being different, sanctified if you will.

i think i have the perfect family, my parents are the perfect example of how a marriage should be, and even though it can get intense, the family will always be there for each other and pull together.

love is more then a four letter word.

if i wasnt a photographer, i think i would want to try wedding planner.

i dream of paris.

i am an optimist.

somethings in life are worth waiting for.

i have a fascination with the titanic.

i like free stuff.

and clearance jewelry.

and overcast days.

and cities.

and buildings.

if the music is wrong, i cannot work.

i like drawing curves.

i cannot draw a straight line.

smoothies are so good.

i always seem to be hungry around 2 am.

i like tofu, maybe even better then meat.

i wish i was funny, not just lame.

sometimes i think that i can do anything.

red is my favorite color.

i like broccoli a lot. like really a lot.

i will always eat a salad.

im addicted to sprite zero, red bull, water and coffee (not mixed together).

good night.

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