Wednesday, August 17, 2011

staying fit in the city


With good food & drink all around (not to mention working 60+ hrs a week),
staying fit can become a challenge. However, Ive picked up a few tips that I'm sure will help.

1. Jog with friends; its great motivation to help you keep going.

2. Dont be greedy when it comes to working out; take the dog with you.

3. Take up a new sport; volleyball, soccer, etc.

4. Take advantage of all the deal sites out there offering discounted fitness & yoga classes.

5. Eat small meals throughout the day.

6. Substitute dessert with fresh fruit; and perhaps a few squares of dark chocolate.

7. Avoid binge drinking; drink water in between alcoholic drinks to rehydrate.

8. Pace yourself; Rome wasn't built in a day, change takes time & patience.

Good luck!

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