Saturday, January 15, 2011


Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

Its been too long my friends, too long.

Nevertheless, I will recap whats been happening in my life.

//Over Christmas break, there was a FOOT of snow in Blue Ridge...we were snowed in for three days.  Once we tried to leave, we ended up in a dad first tried pulling us out with his truck. no luck. Then resorted to his skidstere and pulled us up the driveway.

//On new years eve, I was rear ended and then hit the guy in front of good.

//I put in my two weeks notice at work...decided that working there wasnt healthy. I was so stressed all the time!

And so I have broken free, re-prioritized my life..trying to get myself back on track.

We took a quick trip to Florida to have Christmas with Charlies family...and i forgot my camera..we were trying to leave Atlanta before the snow hit us.

However, I would like to continue blogging. I think I am going to start a new project - Document what Charlie wears every day for a year.

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