Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today I worked out at the green market. Its held in the park every week.
Charming really, most of the time, except for the heat.
However, today was a day... Ill keep it short.

Beginning of the day: starting off well.

The delivery guy dropped me and my baked goods off at the market. I made sure I had his cell phone number so I could call him if he was late, etc. (Upon receiving his number he informed me that he could never forget about me.)

Around 10:30 things started to slow down...a lot. Still hot.

Then! Chinese lady came up to me. Asked about the croissants, I told her they are $2 dollars. She wanted to try it, I said yes if she bought it. She asked me again to try, I shook my head yes this time and said if she bought it. She proceeded to grab the croissant and try tearing off a piece of it. I told her she cannot try it unless she bought it. Then it must of clicked with her...she said she didnt want it. I then had to tell her two times that she HAD to buy it now because she had touched it.

moving on.

12:45 - I decided to pack up. No one was at the market. I cleaned everything up and hauled everything back inside in the hot weather.

1:15 - No delivery guy....thats ok, ill finally get to use the restroom and maybe ill just hang out.

1:20 - Phone drops in toilet.

1:25 - Phone not making calls.

1:35 - Realizing that I have been indeed forgotten about.

2:10 - Being the only vendor left now, I walk back to work (only 4 blocks away).

3:00 - Arrive home.


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