Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i have been busy. 

among the chaos....

Jennifer and I catered a 10th Aniversary party for a sweet couple back home:

 on the menu:
    .Two tiered cake covered with fondant, decorated with flowers. 



  .Chocolate tart with almonds and cranberries.

chocolate tart

  .Bar gateau with almonds, white chocolate, and cranberries.

bar gateau

bar gateau close

  .Cheesecake with chocolate drizzle.


  .Vanilla, lemon zest cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and bittersweet chocolate.




  .Chocolate & vanilla macaroons.



  .Fresh fruit.

fresh fruit bowl

  .Mini eclairs.

It was a great event. 

I have a couple plated desserts that I found pictures of.

final plated dessert

one of my practical dessert dishes. 

panna cotta sitting on genoise, covered with toasted almonds and candied lemon zest. 

almond tuile.

chocolate ganache cake with a side of toasted almonds. 


apple plate

rustic apple. 

poached apple stacked with mousse and topped with a baked apple chip. 

along side is a couple of apple churros.

sauced with a spiced apple sauce.


    My brief stint at Babette's Cafe is over. I have taken the job at Bakeshop, starting full time after I graduate in June. I have mixed feelings - happy to have had a wonderful experience, but sad because everyone that I have grown to love, I am now leaving...I have learned wonderful things from a master, Marla Adams. She is wise, smart, and firm. I am intimidated by her and yet she is willing to help me any way she can. Thank God for people like her. 

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